10 Most Expensive OSRS Items in 2020

OSRS has been one of the most popular online games since its released in 2013. And since RuneScape is one of the most commercialized game today, players are doing their best to earn valuable OSRS items that can earn them a good amount of money in real life.

So without further ado, let us tell you the most expensive OSRS items today.

Most Expensive OSRS Items

Arcane Sigil

arcane sigil expensive osrs items

Estimated Worth: 138,000,000+ OSRS Gold

Arcane Spirit Shield

arcane spirit shield

Estimated Worth: 141,000,000+ OSRS Gold

3rd Age Cloak

3rd age cloak in osrs

Estimated Worth: 274,000,000+ OSRS Gold

3rd Age Axe

3rd age axe

Estimated Worth: 374,000,000+ OSRS Gold

3rd Age Bow

3rd age bow for hunting in osrs

Estimated Worth: 559,000,000+ OSRS Gold

3rd Age Longsword

3rd age longsword

Estimated Worth: 572,000,000+ OSRS Gold

Elysian Sigil

elysian sigil osrs item

Estimated Worth: 752,000,000+ OSRS Gold

Elysian Spirit Shield

elysian spirit shield

Estimated Worth: 777,000,000+ OSRS Gold

Twisted Bow

twisted bow in old school runescape

Estimated Worth: 1,027,000,000+ OSRS Gold

Most Expensive OSRS Item: 3rd Age Pickaxe

osrs 3rd age pickaxe

Estimated Worth: 1,102,000,000+ OSRS Gold

Summary of Most Expensive OSRS Items

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