Latest Old School RuneScape Items Trade Updates

As of July 8, 2020, here are the latest prices and number of trades for the most traded and most valuable items in Old School RuneScape.

Most Traded Old School RuneScape Items

ItemsTotal Trades
Fire Rune1.2 billion
Pure Essence904.5 million
Zulrahs’s Scales878.3 million
Feather866.3 million
Air Rune606.9 million
Water Rune506.8 million
Chaos Rune494.3 million
Blood Rune464.8 million
Death Rune450.2 million
Cannonball442.5 million

Most Valuable Trades

ItemCurrent Market Price
Harmonised Orb1.5 billion
3rd Age Druidic Robe Top1.5 billion
3rd Age Pickaxe1.4 billion
Twisted Bow1.2 billion
3rd Age Ruidic Robe Bottoms958.5 million
Elysian Spirit Shield875 million
Elysian Sigil860 million
Inquisitor’s Mace757.6 million
Scythe of Vitur (uncharged)720 million
Inquisitor’s Armour Set715.5 million
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