3 Expensive OSRS Items To Boost Your Player’s Skills

Some players like to believe that some of the expensive items in OSRS can help them grow better and faster. There are RuneScape players who ask questions about what are the most expensive items in the game and what are the things they need to do to have these items with them.

Expensive OSRS Items To Boost Your RuneScape Character’s Skills

In this article, we will discuss the three most expensive items in OSRS in the past few years. And if they are worth lots of OSRS Gold to equip your character with.

Dexterous Prayer Scroll

dexterous prayer scroll in old school runescape

This OSRS item was released in January 2017. The Dexterous Prayer Scroll is sought by mains, range tanks, and, PKers alike. The item can be found in the Chambers of Xeric and is the only thing in the game that will grant you access to the rigour prayer.

The Rigour cost goes around 61,800,000 OSRS gold and it delivers top-tier range benefits.

You need to be above level 70 defense and more than 74 prayer to unlock this item. It can also boost your range accuracy by 20%, range strength by 23%, and defense by up to 25%. This is what we consider one of the best OSRS items. With all these boosts, the dexterous prayer is useful in almost any combat or fighting situation you might find yourself in, fighting Bosses, doing Slayer tasks, or the classic PvP.

Kodai Wand

osrs kodai wand

Obviously, the Kodai Wand is one of the best mage weapon in Old School RuneScape, but it is a pretty special one. If you have been playing this game for quite a while now and have been training to be one of the best mages out there, I am pretty sure you have heard of this legendary weapon before.

Some RuneScape players believe that this wand can ignite fear one simple wave of this expensive OSRS item. To be one of the best wizards in Gielinor, the Kodai Wand should be on top of your must-have list.

The average price for this OSRS item is around 105,000,000 OSRS gold and it can be combined with the Kodai Insignia. It was released in the Chambers of Xeric and you will need a minimum level of 75 to wear it and use it.

At this price, you can be sure that it will give you some of the best stats you can have. If you manage to put your hands on the Kodai Wand, you get a +28 magic accuracy boost and +5% stackable damage. Similar to the previous OSRS item, the Kodai Wand is great for Boss Raids, PvP, and Slayer tasks.

Ancestral Robe Set

most expensive osrs items is the ancestral robe set

The Ancestral Robe Set is one of the most stylish gear in OSRS and it can make you the strongest magician in Gielinor. For this reason, it is assumed by many that this is the most expensive set out there.

Like any other expensive item in this list, this powerful; Robe was discovered in the Chamber of Xeric, and if you want to get the full set you may have to spend 220,000,000 OSRS gold.

The whole Ancestral Robe Set includes the following:

  • Hat (estimated cost of 23,700,000 OSRS gold)
  • Robe Bottom (estimated cost of 85,500,000 OSRS gold)
  • Robe Top (estimated cost of 112,000,000 OSRS gold)

If you want to wear this robe set, you need to be level 75 magic and 65 defense. But the rewards are definitely worth the price. This set will get you +69 magic accuracy and +61 magic damage. You can use it when you are fighting bosses, fellow RS players, and doing some Slayer Tasks.

Those are the top 3 most expensive items from Old School Runescape that will boost your character’s skills. If given the chance to get at least one of those items, we say focus on getting the Ancestral Robe Set.

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