osrs quest items worth keeping

OSRS Quest Items Worth Keeping

Are you a low-level player looking to get started or an Ironman running through quests? Here’s what OSRS items to keep while questing in this popular MMORPG.
The items that can be obtained on any given run are pretty random and many will only take up bank space, but there is value for players who want stronger gear.

Ancient Mace

The Ancient Mace is a quest reward and seemingly weak weapon. It’s on par with Mithril weaponry, but it gained popularity for its ability to drain Prayer in both PvP and PvM communities–even if you’re already at max levels!

A special attack of this mace allows players who use prayer well enough (and are equipped properly) can take advantage by draining others’ protection against outside interference like Wilderness battles.

Beacon Ring

Did you know that one of the best magic attack rings in-game is from an easy quest? The Beacon Ring has a +2 bonus and can be used with any class. It’s slightly under Seers’ Rings, but much easier than Lunar Diplomacy!

Dwarven Helmet

This helmet is a seemingly random reward from Grim Tales, and at first glance, it has the same defensive stats as rune full helm but with +5 magic defense. The interesting part about this item isn’t just its high level of offensive crush bonus which makes Revenants more accurate during combat; what’s even lesser known than that? That you can use it together with an Elder Maul or Mythical Cape for maximum damage output!

Lunar Amor

The Lunar armor is somewhere in between the mystic and splitbark sets, which require 40 defence to wear. If you are an Ironman this set may be worth using as it saves money on buying one or grinding for Ahriman’s equipment; however, if your character dies then they lose all their gear–including any new armors purchased before dying.

Ring of Visibility

This ring is used to reveal the ladder going down into the Shadow Diamond. 

A secret training spot with virtually no competition, the Level 80 Skeletons near the ladder have a near-instant spawn rate. Use Salve amulets and your favorite melee gear to camp in this area for a faster experience than sand crabs or desert bandits!

Even when you’re a powerful character, quest items can be extremely useful. Questing is meant to be an introductory activity that teaches players about the game and helps them progress through it more easily before they get deeply invested in end-game content.

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