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Why Are Third Age OSRS Items Expensive?

Every long-time RuneScape player knows that there are different ages in Gielinor. One of the most well-known among them is the Third Age, which others also called The God Wars.

The age ended as the Forthright was destroyed, but it left some rare and useful artifacts that are still used in the game today.

One of them is the Third age armor, which has four different sets:

  • Melee
  • Range
  • Prayer
  • Mage

All of the armor is recoverable and weighs a little bit more than 2 kilograms in-game.

RuneScape Third Age Armor

Third Age Armor Ranger Set

If you want to have a third age ranger set, you are going to have to pay 138,000,000 gold as you’ll be buying range coif, legs, top, and vambraces. Comparing to all of the armor from this age, the ranger set is the most affordable, but the pieces are quite rare which is why players tend not to trade it and just hold on to them.

Third Age Armor Melee Set

This set costs 1 billion OSRS gold to acquire as you have to buy the full helmet, body plate, leg plates, and kite shield. It is the second most expensive set form the armor of the Third Age and one of the most expensive sets in the whole game itself.

It’s worthy to note, that you cannot make this armor by gathering raw materials, you can only buy the pieces of this set at the Grand Exchange. If you want to use this rare armor, you need to have a minimum level of 64 for your Defence skill.

Third Age Armor Prayer Set

The full set costs about 1.5 Billion OSRS coins as you have to buy a druidic wreath, robe top, a druidic staff, the actual robe, and cloak.

Similar to Melee set, you’re going to have to have a Defence level of at least 65, but for this set, you also have to upgrade your Prayer level to 65.

Third Age Armor Mage Set

To be a mage and have a third age armor set, you will have to spend 450 Million OSRS gold for it. Since you’re going to have to buy a mage hat, robe top, robe, and an amulet to complete this Third Age Armor Mage Set.

Why is Third Age Armor still so expensive today?

It’s simple. They are hard to find. And only a few players have them.

In short, Third Age armor is so expensive is caused by its extreme rarity.

For example, you cannot buy the whole set right away in the Grand Exchange, you can only get them by piece and those are pretty hard to acquire: only 1 in 185640 gets a chance in getting one of the piece.

That’s why it’s so rarely traded as well. Why trade something that’s so unique to you?

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