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Most Useful OSRS Quest Reward Items

You won’t be able to make it through the game without some quest items; they’re one of the more useful rewards you can get. It’s important that players work on skills and gear upgrades in order to complete these quests, as there are dozens available for them!

Some reward-worthy quests might include those with intriguing storylines or ones that give out highly sought-after resources like amulets or dragonstones. Some others offer a challenge but also allow access into new areas–which is always worth something when fighting monsters such as Zulrah who would otherwise require high combat stats just to enter his lair. Whatever your style may be, gameplay will never seem boring again if you start doing some OSRS questing.

But which OSRS quests offer the most useful rewards, and why you should do your best to get them?


From the OSRS quest Ghosts Ahoy.

The Morytania area is notoriously difficult to get to in the early game. And the Ectophial provides the firThe Morytania area is notoriously difficult to get to in the early game and it can be a challenge for players. The Ectophial provides that first one click unlimited teleport, making questing much easier in such an isolated land but this does not become available until after completing Ghosts Ahoy – which will take some dedication from the player before they are capable of using it at all times.

Later on, once more levels have been gained or if someone has spent enough time farming themself up with gear then late-game adventurers might use their ectophial as shortcuts when traveling between areas without having to go through an extremely dense forest overworld or cross dangerous bridges.

Anti-Dragon Shield

You can get this item during Dragon Slayer I. This mighty shield protects you from the powerful dragon at the end of this quest. Not only that, it has other benefits as well! Dragonfire is notoriously hard to deal with and usually deals a ton of damage – but not if you’re using this legendary shield! Turn-in quests for rare loot like shields are worth doing because they’re useful against many different enemies in battle.

Mythical Cape

Get this OSRS item at Dragon Slayer II quest. The Mythical Cape is one of the best capes in OSRS for you if you’re into wilderness bosses or Pking. You can only buy it once you have completed Dragon Slayer II and its stats are unbeatable, plus there’s an unlimited amount of teleports to Myths’ Guild on top!

Crystal Shield

Complete Roving Elves to get this shield. The Crystal Shield is a fantastically defensive weapon for tanking, with an impressive range defence bonus of +80. It has substantial melee bonuses too! The only downside to this shield is the requirements needed to wield it– completion of “Roving elves” and 70 Defence & 50 Agility being just some on them. But if you’re looking for one last armour before your next big adventure, look no further than the Crystal Shield!

Helm of Neitiznot

Once you’ve completed the Fremennik Isles quest, you will be rewarded with one of the best in slot helmets. This helm offers a +3 melee strength bonus, a +3 prayer bonus, and some decent melee defenses to boot. It is mainly worn for its melee strength boost which helps increase your max hit; resulting in it being compared to “barrows gloves” because it works well with both range or magic attack styles making this helmet used frequently by PvMers as well as PvP players alike!

The helmet also has an optional upgrade that can be done if completing the Fremennik Exile quest.

Barrows Gloves

It’s the most grinded item in OSRS just due to how strong these gloves are! To obtain these, you need to complete Recipe for Disaster – which is no easy feat. You also have to complete some other really tough quests first, like Desert Treasure. But if you manage this with more than 175 quest points and put on your pair of newly obtained best-in slot all-round gloves then it will be totally worth every second spent grinding those levels away because they provide fantastic bonuses both offensively and defensively.

The Barrows gloves are hands down the best in slot range gloves that you can wear! The 12 attack, defensive styles, and magic stats make them a force to be reckoned with. If you want some armor for PvM or PvP don’t look any further than these beauties.

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